Lefty 12string bass???

Specials 12strings

There are only a few manufacturers who are selling 12string basses. These are Musicvox, Chandler, Galveston, Hamer und Dean and some others. But only one manufacturer has sympathy for us lefties. They will produce a lefty 12string bass by order:


Since Marco Mazotti told me something about 12strings, I can´t get they out of my mind. I wish I can get one sometimes.

Doug Pinnick (King´s X) wrote me this about this theme:

Well I played the 12 on a song on the upcoming KX album ( manic moon light). The song is " false alarm". So I guess i will bring my 12's out for the next tour.


Doug Pinnick´s 12 strings:

Yeah! I have 3 12 string basses. They are hammer's. One is a short scale that has a les paul look. And the 2 regular 12's. They all have Seymour Duncan pickups. Last year I was with Yamaha and have 4 basses from them but I have switshed to ESP and will be getting the new model from them. it looks simular to a les paul jr model.

Sounds of 8 and 12strings:

Arni. On the song "it's love" off the album Faith Hope Love, "Black Flag"
>from KX#4, Human behavior" off Dogman. 8 string on "Complain" from Dogman.
And 8 string on Out of the Silent plannet from Gretchen.There are more songs
but I cant remember off hand. Check out Jeremy from Pearl jam's first cd.
Jeff uses a 12 on the song. You can hear it very well. dUg

I´m in touch with the german general distribution of Hamer guitars. If you are also intresting in a 12string lefty bass (Hamer B12L), please let me know. Maybe we can work out a special offer by ordering more than two of them


Here it is! Since July 2002 I´ve been a lucky owner of a

Hamer (USA) B 12 L Chaparral






Serial-No.: 050647

Baujahr 2000

Schaller Tuners
3-Piece Stressed Maple Neck
Rosewood Fingerboard
21 -Nickel Silver Frets
2 EMG DC-35 Pickups
EMG BTS Electronics
Mahogany Body
Master Volume, Bass, Treble and Pan Pot Controls
Hamer Bass Bridge w/ 8 Individually Adjustable Saddles
Stereo Output Jack


12 string



More informations: http://www.12stringbass.com

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