1. Lefty Bass Day in 2009


Gunnar Thiessen and his wife travelled all the way from Denmark!

H.H.Babe (Munich) with his unique Warwick Doubleneck

in conversation with Stefan Fulde


A wall of lefties!

Ibanez Musician MC924 (Jeroen Gahrmann),

Italia Torino Bass semi-hollowbody (Jeroen Gahrmann)

Fender Jazz Bass (Jeroen Gahrmann), 5 string Tele Bass (P.P. van Kouteren)

Armin Alic and The Royal Street Orchestra

Arjaan Martini with a Carvin LB75L

Sandberg, Alembic, Haigh


Wassilios Nikolaidis

with Waja TELIO VA 4 string Lefthand


Freddi Lubitz

.Phantom XTC Bass


P.P. van Kouteren

Börjes Bassinger 4 lefthand

Leander Grooten

H.H. Babe: Winner of the Maruszczyk Elwood 4P 3TS

Sandberg / Clover



Longbow American Classic 2-string mediumscale fretless (Jeroen Gahrmann)

Armin Klopfer (Berlin) and Jeroen Gahrmann (NL)

The CMS-Crew, Armin Alic and M. Nadar (NYC)

Esh and Börjes basses