The best things come in threes!

On September the 17th, 2011, we held the third Lefty Bass Day in the premises of the CMS company in Duisburg / Germany. Maybe because of just this weekend at around Duisburg prevailing traffic chaos, or to the rainy summer that not as many friends as we had hoped, and left-handers found their way to us. But those lefties who had come to Duisburg were great bass players and very likeable persons! It must be that left-handed by nature are open and in a good mood.

I thank all visitors for this great day and the hardships that they have taken it upon themselves to come to us.

Those friends and visitors, I thank you very much for the great support!

André Müller, traveling for Vienna / Austria, by paying all his costs by himself.

For so much enthusiasm the German TV was intrested in a report from the LBD!

a row of lefties

the open stage 2011

a BassLine Buster 5 owned by Uwe Schröter

BassLine Buster fretless

owned by Hubert Döring

Waja Telio 4 VA

Sandberg California of Alex Rass

André Müller with a

Waja-Bass Telio B.I.B 5 String lefthand fretless

Freddie Lubitz

with his 78 Fender Precision

André and Clover Apeiron H 4

At last!!!

Some righties on bass!

Alex Rass

Travelling 1000 km for the LBD!!!!!!

Thank you very much!!!!

sales boothof Rössel basses

awesome: Rössel stuff

two luthiers:

li: Knut Reiter of K-Bass & Guitars

re: Wassilios Nikolaidis of Waja Bass

Fritz Rössel is talking with lefty Wallmeyer

Hubert Döring and Knut Reiter playing a duet

Christian Krieg on Rössel bass

Thanks for signing my autograph bass!

Arni and Jürgen Weidner (CMS)

Talking about the future


Knut Reiter

BassLine und Warwick

Thanks to all visitors and helpers for this day come true! Hope to see you next time!

Vielen Dank an alle Besucher und Helfer, die diesen Tag so einzigartig mitgestaltet haben!

Hoffentlich sehen wir uns bald wieder!