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Bass Quarterly 5/2012

Bass Professor 5/2012

This year, who would have thought it was possible, we did the 4th Lefty Bass Day!

In the new shop of the CMS music business, history was made. Where else but on this day there is a huge range of new and old left-handed bass to see, touch and play!
Modern bass of Waja, Warwick, Börjes, Bassline, Marleaux and many more, courtesy of the many guests stood, ready for testing available. But vintage was announced! Old Fender Jazz bass from 1971 to 1977 and also a 78' Fender Precision, old Yamaha and Rickenbacker basses demonstrated impressively their appeal!

My thanks to the many guests, of the company Ashdown and the crew of the company CMS for the trouble and the fourth successful Lefty Bass Day!

The available left-handed basses were made up of the CMS inventory and private ownership of guests!

Wassili (Waja Bass), a coveted contact

Freddi Lubitz and Andreas Sinth

Sef Coppers and Peter Paul van Kouteren with PP´s Delano bass

Two Austrian in Duisburg-Germany for the LBD!

Christian Moser and Andre Müller

Talk about lefty Fender

Christian Krieg of "The Art Of Killing"

Andreas Heckel signed the autograph bass

Christian Moser with a 71 Fender Jazz Bass from Freddi Lubitz

Andreas Sinth and Wassili with a lefty Waja bass

Andre Müller, bassplayer from Vienna, and the enthusiastic audience with his particular type of bass playing!

Thomas Alt with a rare Le Fay "Herr Schwarz"

Autograph session for Thomas Alt and Christian Moser, who traveled from Austria with his friends!

Freddi Lubitz and his 78´ Jazz Bass

Manfred Schirmer with a BassLine Buster

Rare indded: A Warwick Vampire NT owend by Andreas Heckel

Rarity: Father and daughter are left-handed and bassists! Manfred Schirmer and Julia Wiesenthal!

Regular guest and good friends: From the Netherlands,

Jeroen Gahrmann, Sef Coppers und Peter Paul van Kouteren

Andreas Sinthwith a bass of Frank Lebeda

Lady Luck and CMS-owner: Stephanie Weidner

Frank Lebeda: He came for winning!

Winner of the Maruszcyk Elwood 5a-24

Holger Leroy sighned my bass and tested a Maruszcyk "The Jake"

The autograh of Anreas Sinth was also lacked on the bass!

There is no space for much more autographs!

Herman Gerlach (Harvest) and Roland
Kaschube (BassProfessor)

with a rare 63´ Fender Jazz Bass and 6-String Fodera

In the middle: Knut Reiter of K-Bass

Basstalk: Frank Lebeda, André Müller, Hubert Döring, Andreas Sinth...

...and Thomas Alt and Hubert Döring

Play Lefty Bass!


Thank you to all guests and participants of the 4 Lefty Bass Days! I was delighted with the great response from the Lefty BassDays very.

In particular the strong commitment and interest have inspired me.

Perhaps there are still one or another opportunity to meet you all again. I would be very happy!
Until then I wish you all the best!


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Ja es ist wieder soweit!

Der 4. Lefty Bass Day steht vor der Tür und die Vorbereitungen laufen auf Hochtouren!

Auch dieses Jahr bitte ich euch, auch die eigenen Bässe mitbringen und sie den hoffentlich zahlreichen Besuchern zeigen.

André Müller

hat sich ebenfalls angekündigt und wird uns eine Impressionen aus seinem neuen Programm vorstellen.

Neben guten Gesprächen und dem Studieren unzähliger Linkshänder-Bässe bietet CMS die Möglichkeit,

im Rahmen einer kleinen Verlosung* hochwertiges Bassequipment zu gewinnen.

1. Preis

Linkshänder Maruszczyk Elwood 5a-24

im Wert von 1100,- Euro!

2. Preis

Ashdown MiBass220 /UVP.:429,-€

vom Asdown-Vertrieb "Musik und Technik"

3. Preis

Richter - Beaver's Tail "Monster" BassGurt UVP: 199,-€ Lars Richter


5,- € pro Los, 2 Lose maximal pro Besucher ab 14 Jahre

Ich freue mich auf ein Wiedersehen am 22.09.2012!

Für Anregungen und Fragen stehe ich euch jederzeit zur Verfügung!

Email: ArniBi@gmx.net

Bis bald,


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