Alfi Mañas Alpañez


Band: Valerie Costa


Limoges, France


With all my love for Caty and my parents for their support.
My dear Arni,thanks for all !!

Well, my name is Alfi Mañas Alpañez, I'm 48 and I play bass with Valerie Costa which is a female singer in France.

I have a recording studio in Limoges called "La Vache". I' m very pleased to play pop music.

My favorites bass players are Paul Mc Cartney, John Entwistle, Abe Laboriel, and Jannick Top.

Yamaha TRB II L 5string

Lag 5string Bass

Lag 6string Bass

Rickenbacker 4003 S

Tanglewood Violin Bass

Coustom Bass with Precision Pickup

Squier Precision Bass

Ampeg SVT 3 Pro

Ampeg SVT 15 E

Ampeg SVT 210