Andy Gibbons




Croydon / England


Born 1967. England.
Started playing bass aged 19 (a bit late I know) formed my first band (called the Undecided) with 2 friends. This band is still going and I am still in it. Been in other bands over the years. Gigging continuously since 1990. Couldn't live without gigging!

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Basses I own at the moment, All lefties of course!

1980 Rickenbacker 4003. Azureglo. Pretty much immaculate. Bought from the US via eBay. Got it much cheaper than I could in the UK. Ahh, the tone. Had a Ric before. had to let it go. wanted another. here it is! A real growler of a bass. tone you could cut diamonds in half with. The sound just gets angrier the harder you play. Wish Ric would make the lefty neck the correct way up. Those triangle markers should be the other way up, and the scroll on the headstock too. Has the usual 'dead' spot on the D string from about the 5th fret up to the 12th. Don't know why but the 4001V63 I had before was the same.

Tanglewood Violin Bass. circa 1996. Despite it's cheap price (£350) this is a smashing instrument, though it did come with round wound strings which I changed. Beautiful dark woody tone. I like to record with this one.

Fender Squier Precision Bass. Cheap Indonesian job. Reasonable tone and quite playable after I set it up. A bit twangy though compared to the other two. Not used much since the Ric arrived. Wonder why?!!!

ARG02. Hand made by me! 180 watts all valve. Pics on my website.
Peavey 115 Cab.

Basses I have owned and liked!

1978 Fender Jazz Bass. Blond. Black scratch plate. Maple neck (I prefer). Mother of pearl inlays. bound neck. I loved this instrument.
The next bass I buy will be another Jazz. American. Maple neck. Sold this one when I fell on hard times. It went on eBay, to Germany! You might have bought it! I will have to check the serial number.

1992 Rickenbacker 4001V63. Fireglo. What a beauty. I have never played a bass with the action so well set up. Perfect. The lightest touch fretted every note cleanly, no buzzing. Didn't like the bridge pick up though, coz the magnet covered the strings. (That's why I got a 4003 this time coz the cover is removable) Hard times forced the sale of this one too!.

1978 Fender Jazz Bass

Tanglewood Violin Bass

Fender Squier Precision Bass

ARG02. Hand made by me! 180 watts all valve. Pics on my website.
Peavey 115 Cab.