Armin Alic


Noah Sow`s Punk-Karaoke

The Hamko

Wuppertal / Germany

Born 1980, I`m living in Wuppertal, Germany. I began playing the bass at age of 11, mainly autodidacted. In the beginning I played a lot with many Rock/Metal bands, later the jazz came and that changed everything.
Currently I am working as a freelancer and enjoying it a lot.

I`ve played on lots of records and lots of shows with different artists. For instance I played on Victor Smolski`s Album "Majesty&Passion J.S. Bach". Victor was accompanied by the Inspektor Symphony Orchestra and 25 guest musicians (among others Frank Itt, Michael Sagmeister, Uli Jon Roth and more), we played modern arrangements of some pieces by J.S. Bach. Published worldwide in 2004 by Drakkar Records/BMG Ariola.
Other references:Noah Sow`s Punk-Karaoke, Ulrich Rasch Trio, Mickey Neher(dr)&Carlos Boes(sax), Philip Mancarella Trio, Forces@Work and much more

Current activities:
Still playing with Noah Sow`s Punk-Karaoke (, the Indie-Jazz-Trio THE HAMKO ( and doing lots of session-work.
Actually I am working on some material for my first solo-output, which is gonna be some bass-based fusion-music. To be recorded 1/2007.

My main bass is a Music Man Stingray 5.
Amplification: Ampeg SVT 3 with 4x10 + 1x15 cabs for loud stuff
and some combo amps for jazz.
I hope, I will be able to get some new equipment next year.


My real web-page will also be released in the beginning of 2007.

Please visit me at MySpace for sound snippets, pictures and more information on me. Feel free to get in touch. I`m always glad about any feedback, new contacts, new jobs, whatever...

Music Man Stingray 5

Ampeg SVT 3 with 4x10 + 1x15 cabs for loud stuff
and some combo amps for jazz.