I think it´s time to introduce my self:

Volkmar Arnecke

living in Bielefeld / Germany


My sons: Christian (right handed) und Daniel (left handed)

I began to start bassplaying in 1971. At first a was making music together with my brother in our parent´s house. We made a lot of noises there. After this I was jamming with some local bands and musicians, till I start my job vocational in end of 1976.

When I began to do my fulltime work in 1980, I met Thomas, Wolfgang and Hans-Peter (Motherless Child). We played over a lot of years our own music and we had some concerts here in our local area. This band was dissolving some years later, but we all were friends since we started to make music. Atfer Motherless Child I was hanging around with local bands again till 1995.

In 1996, we had a birthday party at my home, someone of us got the idea to make new records of our old songs. We recorded tracks in our friend´s studio. But we all have families and a fulltime job. That´s the reason why we can´t play very week.

In 1999 all seems perfect. We only had to record 3 songs, all other tracks were finished. Than it happens: A big fire desaster had distroyed Bruno´s house including his studio. We lost all recordings!

After Bruno bild up his studio again in ealry 2000, we just start once again....

2009 - 2015

2009, I have found the musicians that translate my musical aspirations and my dreams 1 to 1:

Mixed Society


As you see, it´s a double lefty band!!!

I´m sad, because this band split in 2015.

Like many lefty bassplayer, we like to trevel. From Bielefeld / Germany it´s only 2,5 h to drive to the Northsea. I don´t like to travel all around the world. I prefer many short trips a year and driving with my roadster.

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