Ben Poncin


Main Bands:

Zop Hopop

Sabino Orsini

the Staages ( cover Iggy Pop ).

In the past: Perry Rose


Neupré , Belgique


Arni, thanks you for your web site !

My mane is ben poncin , I was born in 1964

I play the bass guitar since I was 16 years old.

My influences: pop-rock- soul.

I love Paul McCartney and James Jamerson.

There is not a day without my bass guitar ;-)

Actuality in Facebook: Benoit Poncin

Fender precision 83

Fender precision 75

Rickenbacker 4003

Gibson Thunderbird custom

Belgrado precision

Höfner club

and upright Stagg.

Ampeg SVT 70’, Ampeg SVT III pro and Ashdown EVO II 500.

Box: 6X10 ampeg , 2X10 ashdown ,1X15 ampeg.

Effect: Compressor EbS, Tech 21 VT DI, Bass driver Fulltone .

For my upright, I use a Fishman preampDI .