Bent Saether


On their European tour 2001 Motorpsycho from Norway played a show at the Forum / Bielefeld (Germany). Motorpsycho is a very successful band. That´s the reason why the tickets were sold out early for this evening. Before the show starts, we met Bent Seather, a very pleasant musician, who has a close relationship to his equipment. The real beauty of this own is his "Psychobird". It´s a coustom made 8 string bass, made by the luthier Frank Stavem / Norway. But I think all parts is very importent for Bent. Particular the old Ampeg SVT amp. For effects, Bent only use a Electro Harmonix Muff-Fuzz floor unit.
There are a lot of other interesting things on Motorpsycho´s stage. Snah (guitar) use a greate vintage equipment too. Old and rare guitars built by Hagstrom and Jerry Jones, amps build by Vox AC 30, Orange and Fender.


European Tour September / October 2001

Oktober 12th 2001 / Forum / Bielefeld

A very intresting talk right from the beginning! Bent Seather talked about basses and amps...

I was very interesting in getting details of Bent´s 8 string bass====>>>

Here are the facts of his 8string "Psychobird"
Luthier: Frank Stavem / Norway
Body: Thinderbird style (mahogany)
Neck: MusicMan Stingray style (alder)
with stabilized peghead
active electronics (Bartolini)
Pickups build by Frank Staverm
Strings: Newtone / UK

Super song scale neck (please notice the Motorpsycho-logo)

"This pickups made by Frank Stavem / Norway."

In front of the Forum / Bielefeld

Before Bent Seather signs the bass, we talked about the other signatures on it

MusicMan Sting Ray 30

80´ Rickenbacker 4001

Bent´s first bass: a 82 Fender Precision bass. His original neck was broken during a show in 1991
and replaced by an Jazz Bass style neck. On this tour, Snah use this bass for some songs.

Bent´s bass setup on this tour
MusicMan Stingray MM 30 (green) tuned in "D"
MusicMan Stingray MM30 (black)
Rikckernbacker 4001 (blue)
(and 3 guitars)

A rare Jerry Jones

12string guitar (Danelectro style)

Also a rare 6 string Jerry Jones (tuned in baryton "B")

Vintage Power!!

Ampeg SVT Amp / 2 x Ampeg SVT 810

(and 2 Hiwatt 100 in reserve)

Old Ampeg SVT from the early 70´ (with Ruby tubes)
(Previous possessor: The bassplayer of Fury In The Slaughterhouse)

Vintage all over!!!!!

Vox, Orange, Fender, Moog

Motorpsycho on stage

Bent Saether / Motorpsycho / 2002


I met Bent Saether on Nov. 21st here in Bielefeld / Germany again. We spoke together this evening and he told me a lot of new things from the band. Motorpsycho have recorded a new CD and have done much more new studio recordings, like a country album and songs recorded in the Netherlands with horns and brass. Bent left his 8string at home. It´s getting new pickups these days.

Motorpsycho can play more than 50 songs. Each gig, they play a new programm. There is now show like the others before. That´s very intresting for the Motorpsycho fans. And that´s right. There were a lot of fans at this show, who have seen some other concerts on this 2002 tour before.

Bent Saether

Bent´s Equipment of the 2002 Tour

Bent on Stage