Carlo Lambertini



Blue Aliens Club


Soloist project of Albert Sans


Barcelona, Spain


I’m an Italian bass player, born in Genoa, but in 2005 I moved to Barcelona (Spain).

I started playing bass at 19 (now I’m 33), taking bass lesson from the beginning.

I’ve been listening to a lot of music since I was a child, so I developed a kind of dualism: from the composer-side I love experimental music, such as Mike Patton, John Zorn, Diamanda Galas, Tool, etc. I have a few song that maybe one day will came to light.

From the other side, the bass player, I enjoy playing funk and improvising in different ways.

Sometimes these two aspects melts with each others, and I hope to be inspired enough to share the result with the rest of the world, in the near future.

Meanwhile, I’ve been playing with a lot of different bands: during my last period in Italy, with
Marco Fuori , an original rock band, and with Sunflowers , ’60s American music cover band.

At present, I’m member of
Blue Aliens Club original rock-pop-funk band, N’Projecte cover band, and I particpate in the soloist project of Albert Sans.

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