Chad Thorne



Da Bluez Preacher

Beauty and the Beast Band


Kennebec Valley, USA


Chad Thorne started playing the guitar at age 13. In 1980, after many years as an active performer Chad, a natural right-hander, sustained a devastating injury to his left arm and hand that made fretting strings with his left hand virtually impossible.

He subsequently re-learned how to play left-handed, and also discovered his "musical voice," the electric bass. He has been thankfully and joyfully playing jazz, fusion, blues, soul, Southern and Urban Gospel, rock, country, folk, reggae, and hip-hop ever since. Currently Chad is playing with "Da Bluez Preacher," a blues/r&b/funk/Gospel band fronted by singer/songwriter/guitarist Ray Confer; and the "Beauty and the Beast Band," a rocking bluesy, jazzy ensemble out of mid-coast Maine, featuring Lisa Daniello on vocals and Pat Ginnaty on guitar.

He also plays in the worship band at his church, Kennebec Valley Assembly of God, in Chelsea, Maine. Chad is available to add bass to your performing or recording project, schedule permitting, and can be reached through MySpace, at, or 207.582.8578

Jazz bass clone and a

Precision bass clone, both of which I built

Dean Edge 5-string Jazz-type instrument

Hartke 2500 head

Hartke VX115 cabinet