Diego Cimarosti


Band: Vinyl Fucktory


Marghera near Venice, Italy


I'm very proud to join your lefthand Bassplayer Army!!!!

I'm 30 year old and I started to play this magical instrument 14 years ago. Unfortunately I had no time to study music so I tried to learn alone.

I played for many years thrash and death metal but now I prefer to play a different kind of music (like stoner rock).

God bless rock and roll

2013 Gibson Thunderbird

Ibanez tr series (from the 90')

Jim Reed BE 4 with Tesla Pickups

Cort Artisan B 4

( a Rickembacker 4001 autumnglo is my prohibite dream)

Ashdown 300 Evo II

Washburn 411 cabinet

Korg 3000b digital effect processor

Boss RC 20xl loop station