Dirk Wiese

(Boogie Hookers)

Dirk Wiese and The Boogie Hookers. This is an example how long it could take to get all the informations for the personal website on our international lefty list. I´m in touch with Dirk since December 2000, but I´ve got the rest of informations at the day of our meeting on the October 12th, 2001. We met Dirk at a show in a restful pub (called Kaiserkeller) in Detmold / Germany.
The music of The Boogie Hookers is a professional kind of Blues and Boohie. One importent part of their show is the contact to the audience. I´m glad to feature you the music of the Boogie Hookers on our 2. CD-Project.

Boogie Hookers

October 12th, 2001

Kaiserkeller / Detmold


Ampeg SVT II Pro, Ampeg SVT 410 HE and MusikMan StingRay

Dirks groove is a essential part of their music

MusikMan and Ampeg. It´s a ideal composition.

During the break Sigi and Dirk are talking about concert agency`s the possibility for show´s outsite this regional area.

Dirks autograph

The participation of The Boogie Hookers on our 2. CD is sealed.

Dirk Wiese and Andreas Koch