Nick Douglas and Doro

(May, 8th 2009)


Nick Douglas has been Doro Pesch's bassplayer since the beginning of the 90's. The American Bassplayer contacted me a while ago and invited me to a concert. A meeting at the music exhibition in Frankfurt failed due to conflicting engagements. On 8th May 2009 we managed to meet in person just before a Doro concert.

I managed to contact Nick Douglas on his mobile shortly after our arrival in Osnabrück and we arranged a meeting. Nick is a very friendly person and he took us to the backstage-area, where we met a very sympathetic and good mooded Doro.

Nick, who was suffering from a flue infection, than showed us the entire backstage-area and the stage, where the object of my desires was kept in a safe manner: A "Warwick Buzzard" Bass!

Nick is an Endorser for Warwick so it was hardly suprising to find that there was a fat Basssytem available from this company.
Besides the Warwick Buzzard Nick held a Streamer available, which wasn't used in the concert though. The Buzzard is his main "tool" and is being used at all the gigs in the last couple of months. This bassguitar, like the ones of Gibson Thunderbirds, have impressive dimensions and are hardly playable by thin players. Nick Douglas owns basses of the companies "Vigier" and "Fender" beside his "Warwick's".

If you've ever seen Doro and Band play live, you know what's going on on stage. Who ever hasn't had the chance yet, let me tell you: It's well worth it. So I can only recommend to use the chance if it came along. Doro has a very special way of encouraging the audience.
Nick Douglas is a professional-metaller, who electrifies the audience with his incredible stageact, draws the attiontion to himself. When it was time to say good-bye after the concert, you could hardly oversee Nick's exhaustion. The fever took it's tribute.

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