Edoardo Raffellini

Band: Megatristi


Ravenna, Italy


Hey there!

I'm from Ravenna, Italy.

I've started to play bass at fifteen years old, I've also tried doublebass (as right-hand) but is not for me.

I'm graduated in jazz music at G.Frescobaldi the conservatory in Ferrara.

For five years I've played harcore-metal with Dine in Hell (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=koatYfOOSdk), now we are done and I prefer play something more relaxing.

At the moment I play in a cover project with some friend (Megatristi - ) and I'm part of a theater company who predilige doing musical (as musician).

Here you can see me playing a studio from the great Jeff Berlin http://youtu.be/VWqA6ym165A

Fender Jazz American Deluxe 60th Anniversary
Warwick $$ Corvette
Warwick Alien Standard (acustic)

Peavey Tour 700
Gallien Krueger Neo 410
Line 6 115 lowdown (combo)
Soundblox 2
Sansamp tech 21