Eric Axelson

(Dismemberment Plan)

I´ve got a mail from Eric Axelson some weeks before. He told me that "Dismemberment Plan" are on tour in Canada and after that in Germany. OK! I must meet Eric here in Germany of course. They had a show right here in my hometown Bielefeld. Late this evening Dismemberment Plan arrived at the "Forum".
I met Eric just a the soundcheck and we talked after that about music, current politics, their great tour and a lot other things. Right now, Eric and band is touring through the USA.
Dismemberment Plan is a band with 3 (!) lefthand musicians. We had a good time upstairs the Forum. When I unpacked my Höfner-Autograph-Bass Eric was realy pleased. I discribed him all the autographs on it. After Eric signed this bass, he made some pics for his private collection.

Trace Elliot Stack

Where is your bio, Eric? He promised to sent it by mail.

Eric described the places of their European tour

We talked about the things that has happend in the USA as well

74`er Fender Precision Bass

Checking out the Hohner autograph bass

Eric Axelson signed the bass

We had a lot of fun

A Foto for Eric´s private collection

Sigi and I have to say goodbye to Eric Axelson and Dismemberment Plan