Érico F. de Oliveira


Band: A Claque


Sao Paulo, Brazil


I started to play at the age of 16 with some friends in a hard rock cover band called "Metal Angels" (pretty lame name!). I pratically learn to play alone, playing with several bands and studying at home with videoclass and bass methods. At the same time I started to wrote a few songs.

A few years later a new band called "Doxa" recorded one of my songs called "O que sabe de amor?" and we subscribe it into a radio festival but we split after a while.
In the beggining of 2005 I started my most acknowledge project called "Audiosapiens". This project it was keep running till last year. In 2009 we release our first eponymous album with spanish lyrics.

Now, I'm working into a new project called "A Claque" wich songs are basic rock'n'roll with portuguese lyrics about brazilian society. We intend to release our first album untill october 2013.

My main influences are Paul Simonon (Clash), Paul McCartney, Doug Paine (Travis), Greg Richling (The Wallflowers), Duff Mckagan (Guns 'n' Roses, Velvet Revolver) and of course, Billy Sheehan.

Discography: Audiosapiens (2009):

Fender P Bass reissue 59 (MIJ 2002)

Fender J Bass reissue 62 (MIJ 2002),

GK Backline 350


Bazz equalizer Boss