Ettore Baldini Neto


Band: The Old Socks Blues Company



I'm a nuclear physicist who loves music and plays in a blues band:The Old Socks Blues Company .

Born in 71 and still alive.

Main influencies: James Jamerson, McCartney, Jack Bruce, The Ox, Geddy Lee, Stanley Clarke, Luis Maia, Arnaldo Baptista and Liminha and a lot of other guys

Rickenbacker 4003 2012

Rickenbacker 4001 1975

Hofner 500/1 V62

Fender Jazz Bass (2014)

Gibson EB0 (1972)

JB and PB from MusicMaker (Brazilian Custom Shop boutique)

and PB 51 from RPL (another brazilian custom shop boutique).

One Pedrone (brazilian) Head tube amplifier 100W

Ampeg PF115HE (i think)

and a fender rumble 150W head