Gaylord Garcia





Thanks Volkmar Arnecke for giving time to read my mail,and giving hope to other lefty bassist like me.

Thanks a lot so happy to be part of the lefties group around the world..
More power and Godbless us all!!

My experiences....i play all sorts of music due to the nature of my work ,i have to meet the customers demand for music..but my heart and mind is into rock,from 60s to the present..i grew up in a rock filled music world back when i was starting to play.

Being a lefty,it was a big bonus for me ,based on experience ,people are mesmerized on how i look on stage( Very Cool )..from then on ,i told myself,i am destined to play lefthanded...
but the downside of it,lefty basses are hard to find AND are expensive... right now im still saving up to buy another bass, but im afraid once i got the money,the bass that i want to buy ...sadly has to be sold to other lefty bassist...but it wont stop me from finding one,God will someday help me get the best bass i could ever have in my life...

Yamaha BB405L with both J stock pickups