Ilker Ozalp





I am Ilker Ozalp from Istanbul/Turkey and i play bass for over 25 years now.
Throughout my career as a bassist I have played in numerous musical projects in a wide range of styles, covering Top40, musicals, pop, rock, funk, folk, ethnic, straight-ahead jazz, jazz fusion, electronic music.
I have recorded for a number of artists in a variety of genres and i have also produced an album for a singer (Yol by Sibel Gursoy, 2011)
Currently, i am playing for Turkish Pop-Diva Nilüfer and continuing my work on pieces for my own project, which will hopefully result in an album.

Two of my own compositions (more to follow)

Gates of Elysium (feat. Cengiz Baysal, dr.)
Klytus I'm Bored (feat. Cengiz Baysal, dr.)

Most notable sideman work with Cengiz Baysal (dr), Selen Gülün (pn), Tolga Bedir (pn)

Collaborations with Tolga Bedir (pn, synth, dr, arr.)
Cover, Shallow Sea by Allan Holdsworth (RIP Maestro)
Cover, Proto Cosmos by Allan Pasqua

Zon Sonus Custom 6
Ken Smith BSRMW 6
Custom 6 String Headless
Charvel/Jackson 2B (yes, from those times where nothing else was available for lefties :)

Hartke HA 5500 500w Amp
Hartke 4.5 XL 4x10 Cabin

No FX but i like running the bass through and experimenting with IOS/Ipad Audio Effects via a Steinberg UR44 Audio Interface.