Jean-Pierre Fortin

(The Canadian Moose)

Unbelievable but true!

I´m in touch with JP (Jean-Pierre) since 2005 when he told me he´s a lefty from Canada. He wrote me about his bands travelling around the world and his projects. For example he did some solo records like the Band "One" and the CD "Even" recorded in Japan and the band Deaf Dealer and lots of more. Form the beginning, JP was very much intrested in our website for lefty bassplayers.

Some month before, JP offers me his Alembic Essence 5 string bass. No one else has to get it. But like most of us, I didn´t have so much money these days.
I had to break my vow and need to sell two of my guitars for it. JP offers me this alembic for a reasonable price and I was glad with this offer.
Whan we talked about the shipping from Canada to Germany I was a little bit worried about the long distance of shipping.

JP offered me to bring this bass from Canada to Germany by himself. On 28th of January 2006 JP arrived here in Bielefeld with this nice Alembic in his baggage. He was my guest till the next day and went back to Canada next morning. Unbelieveable, right?!

We used this few hours for bass talking, listen to his records and checking out some of my basses. Be had a lot of fun.
Late this night my son Daniel came home from the recording studio and joined this lefty bass meeting.

Here are some pictures about this great meeting with Jean-Pierre Fortin.

Hope to see you soon in Canada, JP!