Ján Kalafut



Košice city / SLOVAKIA / EUROPE


I am RIGHT HANDED man playing bass as LEFT HANDED - I have some problems with fingers on left hand - not able to use on fretboard...

I started playing bass in MARCH 2011 my first bass was great Peavey T-40 converted for lefthand, now I am playing LEFTY RICKENBACKER 4003 2004 model ,

LEFTY RETROVIBE RV4 upgraded with genuine Rickenbacker pickups and electronics-I believe the only bass of a kind on the planet /only EIGHT lefty RV4`s have been made/.

I play bass only home for fun and pleasure, and I am part of „home rock duo“ called ROCKERS

my friend plays guitar and we use drums from Digitech RP70...

Rickenbacker 4003 Fireglow 2004


MACOUSTIC MODEL 126 100W COMBO USA 1981 - no effects