Joris Teepe



Englewood NJ / USA


"The Dutch bassist 's tunes are peppered with arrangements inside arrangements. Always swinging, he and his cohorts squeeze memorable episodes out of open blowing sections. It's a wise tack, reminding that cues keep players and listeners on their toes" MACNIE, VILLAGE VOICE, NEW YORK
"His solid, sophisticated background is bolstered by first-rate jazz experience, enabling him to achieve a vivid blend of his musical intelligence and native creative talents" DR. HERB WONG, LOS ANGELES

"The most refreshing jazz composer at this moment." THE TICKET, NEWSPAPER, BELGIUM

"You'll be very surprised at what Teepe does to a familiar jazz tune. His imaginative arrangements are a rewarding listening experience". PAUL B. MATTHEWS, CADENCE MAGAZINE

"Teepe's arranging of standards is very innovating. He keeps the soul, but totally rebuilds the tunes. His compositions are always exiting. As a bassist he proves to know the tradition, but he gives his own perspective."

"Joris Teepe works with high energy and creativity. Isn't that what jazz is all about: swing, blues feel and improvisation, but also hard work and swet? He is a dynamic musician, who shows us that hard bop is absolutely not at the end of its development." LAND VAN WEERT, THE NETHERLANDS

"His album "Seven Days A Week" is one of the highlights in modern mainstream. Exiting from the beginning to the end. His creativity shows us that there is future in this genre." (5 stars) KEN VOS, JAZZ-NU, THE NETHERLANDS

"Joris Teepe can be recognized by his clear, and yet sonore bass sound. His solos are inventive and swinging, he comps with a pleasant light drive." WILLEM VAN DER VEEN, COMPACT, THE NETHERLANDS

"Teepe has a pleasantly plump tone, rounded and well focused. He stays on top of the beat, and prefers to fit his solo flights into the prevailing rhythm of a tune. In all this he resembles his idol Paul Chambers."

"..Joris Teepe has become musical partners with some of the best musicians in New York. This is due to his status as a bassist who possesses a warm, even tone, and a sympathic, swinging beat (..) but also to his abilities as a writer, arranger, and band leader." PETER WASHINGTON, NEW YORK

"Teepe has reached the top very fast, most Europeans can only dream of working with musicians like Don Braden, Tom Harrell, Cyrus Chestnut, and Carl Allen." JAZZ-NU MAGAZINE, THE NETHERLANDS

"..Joris Teepe arrangiert mit besonderem Einfallsreichtum." JAZZPODIUM, GERMANY

"Madame Contrebasse n'a plus aucun secret pour lui, il connait chaque millimetre de son corps et la caresse les yeus fermes." DAUPHINE LIBERE, FRANCE

"Teepe heeft een fraaie akoestische toon en ontpopt zich als een zelfverzekerde solist en een bekwaam arrangeur."

"Teepe shows himself to be a solid accompanist and inventive soloist, with a beautiful sound and technical virtuosity" HIFI VIDEO TEST

I have two German upright basses and one Chinese plywood upright bass that I use for traveling. I use a German and a French bow, depending on the occasion. I use a realist pick up and sometimes an underwood. In the studio I only use microphones I use mostly a Gallien Krueger Amp, but also like Ampeg. Most of the year I am on the road so I use whatever amp they provide. I also play electric bass and have 4 electric basses. I have a fretless Fender Jazz Bass 1976, an Ibanez 4-string, a Piet Visser handmade 5-string and a Squire 4-string.

two German upright basses

Chinese plywood upright

Fender Jazz Bass 1976

Ibanez 4-string

Piet Visser handmade 5-string

Squire 4-string

Gallien Krueger Amp

Ampeg amp