Jules Meuffels


Bands: Forza




Hi Arni,
After all these years I finally found a great site for Us lefty's!

My name is Jules Meuffels and I was born in Sittard, The Netherlands, July 26th 1977.
I started playing Bassguitar around the age of 18.

Former bands: Predefine, Forza, Los Leipos, Red Hot Chili Neppers, Fab Fudge, Nocando, C-Moon,
Free The People,
From USA, Joyze, All About Eve, The New Order, Sniffer, Mrs. Rose, Poetsploeg.

Other occupations: Freelance housepainter.

Great Influences: Flea, Jaco Pastorius, Francis Rocco Prestia, Dug Pinnick.

Sandberg California JM5 Supreme V LH

Sandberg California TM2 LHV LH

Mark Bass - Little Mark 1 (special edition red)

Paul Lenders Custom Cabinet 12" (JBL 2206H, 600Watt)

"Koch Bass Cabinet 1x15" + 4x10""

"Planet Waves CT-04"

"GHS Boomers Bass Strings 5L-DYB (40-120)"