Kris Vicinanzo


Band: SuperStore



I want to thank you for this site because I've never thought about its existence, so I want to give my little contribute and please add me into the list :)

I started to play bass in 2003, but beginning I've had many doubts about using a right or left bass...

My bass instructor told me:" take a broomstick... let me see how you hold it" I held it as a left handed so it had no sense using the right way.

I play Stingray (created by a lutist), ibanez SR300L, Legend Fretless (equal to fender precision) and Yamaha TRB Bass but probably I'll buy another one... :)

Stingray (created by a lutist)

Ibanez SR300L

Legend Fretless (equal to fender precision)

Yamaha TRB

SWR 400