Manos Kondopoulos





Hello Arni,

great web site. A place that i can call home..cause people here understand me.

Thank you!

My name is Manos Kondopoulos. I live in Athens-Greece and i'm Greek.

I'm 29 years old.I have been playing the bass for 7 years now! I'm lefthanded of course!

My story is really funny. I began playing guitar in 1994. I wanted to get a bass but my parents bought me a guitar. so i said.."what the hell..lets give it a try". Even though i liked it..there was something missing. My teacher told me that i had a great sense of rythm and that all my solo's were like bass lines. One day as i went for shopping i came across a left handed yamaha bass. I played for 5 minutes and i felt was love at first sight!

After that i gave up my guitar learning and focused on bass. I have jammed with several bands since 2001 and i have played lots and lots of cover songs. Right now im not in a band. But im jamming with a friend of mine (he's a great guitarist!). We are thinking of recording our own songs and ideas.

This is my personal myspace page: Feel free to have a look or add me as a friend. Cheers everyone!"

Fender Japan Jazz Bass

Behringer 60 Watt Workstation