Marcelo González


Band: Bahia Paradise


Buenos Aires, Argentina


I am a lefty bass player since 1994, I am 34 years old and I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I have played in multiple bands and different music styles too. Actually I am playing reggae music, my band is

By now I have an Ibanez SDGR500, an Steinberger xl2 and one that I have made myself with the help of the local luthier Pablo Lojo, is a model of a Precision 24 frets bass neck-through.

In a few days I will be finishing another one, but this time I have made it all by myself and with my own design, I will send you pics when it is ready.

The equipments that I am using are: a Hartke ha3500 head with Kustom 4 x 10 deepend series, and an Ampeg BA 108.

Ibanez SDGR500

Steinberger xl2

Precision style Pablo Lojo

Hartke ha3500 head

Kustom 4 x 10 deepend series

Ampeg BA 108