Mauro Campus




Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy


Mauro Campus, born in 1981, starts playing the electric bass at age 14 with his first band, Eleison.

In 1996 he starts to play live in his city, Cagliari.

In 2000 he militates in Malerba, born from the ashes of Eleison: during this experience, records a self-titled EP MALERBA and partecipates at the national selection of Academy of Sanremo, including a full week of stages at the Ariston Theater of Sanremo.

After Malerba, in 2004 he decides to move to Rome to improve knowledge and confront a greater reality.

He studied for a year with teacher Massimo Moriconi at PercentoMusica in Rome, and in the meantime he playes in three different projects: 'La stanza di Skinner' (hard rock - metal), 'Fire of Africa' (soukous), and a collaboration with the songwriter Evandro Gabrieli (acoustic guitar), with whom he also recorded the self-produced "Sei gradi di separazione." He plays in some important clubs in the city: '360 Gradi', 'Coetus Pubs', 'Locanda Atlantide', etc.

In 2006 he comes back to Cagliari: in recent years, the projects in which he is present are 'De'Stop' (alternative metal, bass guitar), 'Body & Soul' (pop blues, acoustic guitar) and 'BandaBattisti' (rearranged covers of Lucio Battisti, bass guitar).

In 2013 De'Stop start to work on their tracks in collaboration with Alessandro Del Vecchio, one of the most important rock producers in Italy: in 2015 De'Stop open the concert of the british speed metal band 'Dragonforce' in "Rock and Bol Metal Fest", open the concert of ‘Beasto Blanco’ (Chuck Garric and Calico Cooper band, from Alice Cooper band), and are headliner for Metal Xmas 2015. The release of their first self-produced album happens in November 6, 2015 with a live concert at the Fabrik Club, following a national tour.

In 2016 he joins the historical band "Branko", now in its twentieth year of activity.

Since 2008, with Sergio Calafiura is the director of music school 'New Music Voice Power'.


Cort b5

Fender Jazz

- Markbass Little Mark II

- Markbass Standard 102 HF

- Boss and Handmade pedal effects.