Nathan Gilbert

Band: American Hollow

Salt Lake City, UT / USA

Thanks for making a cool website for lefty's!


I was born in the small town of Vanceburg which is nestled along the Ohio river in the state of Kentucky. I have been playing bass guitar since I was 16. And my first electric bass was a right handed "converted left" sunburst Teisco. I bought the bass off a janitor at my high school, so I thought that gave it some "street cred" even if I couldn't play it very well. I played in several bands in my area, mostly just friends who would get together to write a few songs to play at a club.
In February of 2001 I received a chance to audition for a popular local band made of the ex-members of a band named Catalyst. I got the job and American Hollow was formed. The music of American Hollow is indescribabe, being a good mix of rock, alternative, metal, funk, and progressive styles. In December of 2001 American Hollow went into the studio to record their demo entitled "Turning Base Metal into Platinum" which should be available to the public soon.
Some of my favorite bass players are Jeff Ament (Pearl Jam), Flea, Steffan Lessard (Dave Mathews), P-nut (311), Justin Chancellor (Tool), Victor Wooten, Stuart Hamm, and Mike Inez just to name a few. I normally enjoy songs that the bassline has a more melodic approach. But I enjoy everything really and can learn something from almost anyones' playing.
I play a Fender Jazz, an Ibanez Soundgear, both 4-string and send my signal through a Peavey Nitro BassHead(500 watts) and Peavey Cabs (2x10, 1x15). At home I practice through a Fender BXR 100 watt, and I own a Boss Bass Chorus, Boss Bass Overdrive, DOD Envelope Filter, Ibanez Bass Compressor, Dunlop Cry-Baby Bass Wah and a Digitech Multi-Fx processor. I play using GHS Bass Boomers too.

Music Man StingRay

lefty American Fender Jazz Bass

lefty Ibanez Soundgear 6-string bass.

GK 1001 RB-II

GK Neo 4x10

Neo 1x15 cab.

I still use an assortment of Boss pedals, such as a bass chorus, limiter/enhancer, digital delay and a loop station.