Payam Ghasemi



SiyaSiyabend (Turkish underground Jazz rock band)

Luxus (Turkish oriental blues,punk,reggae)

Kam (A jazz Trio) & RendBand (Old Persian poetry meets Iranian melodies, rock, blues, and jazz)


Urmia, Iran


Payam was born in Urmia, Iran, in 1989. He began playing bass guitar at the age of 13 with the support of his family,and in particular, his mother.

One year later, after playing with various bands, he began studying with Babak Riahipour, a reputable bassist in Iran.

Payam performed in a number of different genres, in several Iranian cities with bands such as Explode, Arsames , Farman Fathalian , Matra, and Sokut, the latter established by himself.

In 2011, Payam's first international success was with the band Explode when he was selected as one of the best players of the Raam Battle Middle East Festival in Dubai.

He finally made up his mind to move to Istanbul to open new doors for his music.

In the beginning, in spite of struggles such as being an un-known, he kept working hard on the bass, playing in the streets, and communicating with new musicians.

Payam plays double bass, four- and five-string and fretless bass guitars and is currently involved in his own project, recording tracks which intend to fuse the Iranian

and oriental feelings he grew up with in his music, with more modern beats.

In Istanbul he performed with Luxus Oriental Blues, Scorpio rising, Dodan, Alegros Gramma and Currently, Payam plays with Rend band, Siya Siyabend , and some other bands as a sesison player.

He is continuing his venture in music with the same passion as his first day of playing bass.

FB Link of my new project : Payam & The Imaginary Bosphorus Big Band

Music Man Stingray 5 , Made in Usa , 2002

Sandberg California , Made in Germany 2008

A modified fretless Cort B4 , Made in Korea

And a Chinese but modified Upright Bass

Ampeg SVT 7 Pro 1000 Watt Amp Head With Tube Preamp