Band: Status Quo Forever


Son, The Netherlands


Naam : Peter-Jan
Leeftijd : 52 jaar
Instrument : Bass (in tha Face)

Since I was a small boy I've been poisoned with music. I started as a singer, but realized that wasn't my thing. Then as a guitar player, but that didn't did the trick either.
Then I discovered the bass guitar and there it was: The Big Bang.

I've had lessons from students at the Rock Academy and at the moment my teacher is Wilbrand Meischke who's playing amongst others with Jan Akkerman and 3 J's, Elske de Wall and Leonie Jansen.
In 2014 I stept in for Barend Courbois with Fitzkin, a well known heavey rock band from Arnhem. Barend was recruited by German Blind Guardian.

Since 2017 I joined a new band called Status Quo Forever, a Status Quo tribute.
With this band rockets go sky high. It seems a lot of people love the Frantic Four period so much they take Status Quo orever as a substitute for the Status Quo of today.

Fender JB IV

Sandberg California PJ4

Warwick Rockbass

Yamaha RBX270L

Ampeg SVT Classic
Hartke LH500

Hartke Hydrive HX410