Richard Mackman


Band: The Contrast


Peterborough Cambridgeshire / UK


Hi everyone, I'm a left handed bassist from Peterborough Cambridgeshire I've been playing bass since 1984 and have had various bands during that time- of note was a stint with punk/speed core act English Dogs throughout 1993 (we were signed to German Punk label Impact Records)and playing with them alongside Gizz Butt (The Prodigy) and Andy 'Pinch' Pinching (The Damned) with that lineup.

I currently have been playing bass since 2000 with The Contrast ( A psych-power pop band) previously on Steven Van Zandt's NYC label Wicked Cool and currently with Angel Air Records here in the UK,Our new album " A Sinister Flick " is due for release this Autumn.

Influence wise I always loved hearing intricacy and power in a bassist - Geddy Lee, Jay Bentley, Bob Daisley Paul McCartney John Glascock & Bruce Foxton being some of my all time heroes as well as James Jamerson and Jim Lea from Slade.

Instrument wise I have used Fender Jazzes for many years, a black 1996 Japanese model and a 2001 Mexican Jazz, plus a Rickenbacker 4003 and a recently purchased Gibson EBO as well as a 1996 Fender P Bass.

I also use a very reliable and powerful Squier P Bass Special. Besides The Contrast I also teach bass and guitar full time, and play the bass for Filthy Lucre - a feisty Sex PistolsTribute.

Japanese Fender Jazz (1996 Model)

2000 Rickenbacker 4003

Gibson shortscale EBO bass

Fender Jass Bass 1996 / MIJ

Fender Precision Bass / MIM


Ampeg 4x10 HLF cab

Sansamp bass driver

custom built Rick Johnston Bass preamp pedal