Rick Maddeaux

Band: Hindsite

Yellowknife, Canada

Rick started playing bass in 1964 at the ripe old age of 13 with a right-handed fender pbass that his dad bought for him for $25.00.

After realizing that this was not going to work, Rick purchased his first real left-handed bass in 1965, which was a Hofner Beatle Bass. The others followed

The first band that Rick joined was called Central Nervous System Incorporated. The name was shortened to Nervous System. After a few member changes, a new band developed out of the ashes of Nervous System called Cesselie Wiffle. Both Nervous System and Cesselie Wiffle played top 40 material with a smattering of original content. They were too young to play the bars so they relied on school dances and whatever else they could get hired for.

After three years of starving, Rick left the music business for 10 years to concentrate on his education and making a living.

Rick returned to the stage with an Alice Cooper clone act called Outrage, which also featured some original material in the shock rock - theatrical rock category.

After disbanding Outrage, Rick moved north and formed the band "Cheeky Monkeys" which again did top 40 material with some original material thrown in.

Other bands that Rick has played in since moving north have included Right Mind, which was a fitting name as all three members were left-handed. The Session Sluts, 23-12, The Bedrocks, and This Side Up

Rick most recently played in band called Big Ethyl with recorded a three song EP of original blues-rock high-energy music. We ran out of funding to record the full 13 songs

Rick resigned from Big Ethyl in March of 2001 to pursue a solo song writing and recording career, and is presently in discussions with other musicians in Yellowknife on forming another band. Look out for QT Hush

Besides playing bass and guitar, Rick also dabbles on keyboards and has been known to kick a drum or two

65 Hofner Beatle Bass

67 Gibson EB-3

98 Mexican Squire P bass

95 U.S. Made Fender P bass

72 Vulcan Custom Made Tear Drop bass

Fender Squire Precision Basss

Fender Jazz Bass

Coustom made Gibson SG guitar

Traynor Custom Special Bass Heads (Canadian Made)

Two 4 x 10 Traynor Bass Speaker Cabinets

One 8 x 10 Traynor Bass Speaker Cabinet (Big B)