Robert-Jan Kuijer


Band: Gazoline


South of The Netherlands


Hello Lefties,

my name is Robert-Jan Kuijer and I live in the south of the Netherlands.

As a real lefty, starting playing bass right handed was absolute no option for me. My first bass was a Ibanez GSR 200L. It had a crooked neck due to a manufacturing fault! I found out a year later when I couldn't changed the strings! The Dutch importer of Ibanez sent me a new one :) But that was a long time ago.

Currently due to my busy work I only play bass in my rock coverband Gazoline together with my wife Nina, who is the singer and plays rhythm guitar and two friends. We play approximately 30 gigs a year in pubs, parties and small festivals. In the Netherlands we are populair in the motor scene. Each month we play at a motorcycle event. Bikers like our setlist which goes from blues and soft rock to the heavy stuff!

For more information about my band please check

My biggest heroes are; Paul McCartney (of course!), Cliff Burton, Steve Harris, Tim Commerford and Mark King.



Musicman Stingray

Rickenbacker 4003

Fender Jazz (tuned in C)

and a replica Hofner Beatlebass

Ampeg SVT3 pro

2X Ampeg SVT 410HE cabs

and a Tech 21 VT bass deluxe pedal