Ruth Jochems


Band: Company of Dreams




I am Ruth Jochems, 53 years old and from the netherlands.
I start playing bass 4 years ago and never played an instrument before.

After 6 month of playing i was invited to do a band bootcamp.
I played with 17 year old guys an it was the best week of my life.

I went searching for a band to play in an found Ad Hoc. A nice group of people and they play for fun.

After the second bootcamp , 1year later, i was asked to play in a band for a musicalschool.
They want to make the musical we will rock you. 28 Queensongs and it was a blast.
I played in a band with the keyboardplayer of my favorite band. Jeffrey Revet of Stream of Passion.
It was a dream come threu.

2 month later a get a call with the question if the band want to play the same Queensongs but then with the mainactors of the dutch version of we will rock you.
I thought i was dreaming.

So i've been on stage with dutch musical stars and that with 3 years of playing bassguitar.

After that i found a band called Company of Dreams. We make our own music and we hope that 2017 will be a good year with a lot of gigs.

Fame mm 500. I love this bass

Sire V7. With alder body

Cort B5

Bugera bvp5500 Unknown but a very good sounding amp
SWR workingpro 400

Eden D410XLT