Scott Michel



Static Alice

The Turboman Massacre




i live on a small island called Guernsey in the Channel Islands. i've been playing bass for about 10 years now.

and i have been in a wide number of bands since i was 16. mostly Metal bands but a punk project as well until my current and most popular band Static Alice which i guess can be called a Rock band.

Old Projects:
Seven Days At Knife Point (Metalcore)
Elmer Henley (Deathcore)
Low Expectations (Pop Punk)
Five Across The Eyes (Metalcore)
Destria (Djent)
So Cold, The River (Hardcore)

Current Projects:
Static Alice (Rock) (Main Project)
The Turboman Massacre (Metal) (On/ Off Project)

i also play Acoustic Guitar
i listen to alot of different styles of music, from Rock and Metal, Punk, Funk, Blues, Jazz, Acoustic. i'm always looking for way to improve my playing.

Traben Array 5-string
Traben Phoenix 4-string
Traben Torrent 5-string
Schecter Diamond Series Custom 5 5-string
Michael Kelly Dragonfly Acoustic bass 4-string

Laney Richter RB9 Head 300W
Laney RB410 Bass Speaker