Sebastien Roy




Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Hi everyone ! At first, I'd like to say something: if we stand together, like we are doing on this great web site (thanks to Arni for maintaining such a great web site!), then there'll be more chances that bass makers will hear us. We need exactly the same basses as those that are on the market for right handed bassists! WE NEED LEFTY VERSION PLEASE !!! :)

My name’s Sebastien Roy. I'm a lefty bass player from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I started playing bass in 1993. My favourite bass players are Geddy Lee, Robert Trujillo, John Paul Jones, Paul McCartney, Jeff Ament, John Myung, Steve Harris, Jaco Pastorius and many more…

My band is called REAL CONCEPT. We play our own songs (not covers). Our music style is a mix between metal, hard rock and progressive music.

Music is a pastime, an hobby for us. We don't want to quit our day jobs for playing exclusively music. That's our choice and we're happy with it ! Having said that, I like very much playing bass !!

Custom made 5 string jazz bass

Music Man StingRay 5

Status Graphite Energy 6

Eden WT-400

2x10" Eden cabient