Steve Clarke

Band: Steve Clarke Band

New York City / USA

Steve Clarke Band is a 3 piece Funky/Jazz band.
Pat Marafiote -Keys (Larry Coryell, Dave Weckl)
Steve Clarke -Bass (
Chris Stanley -Drums (George Benson, Anthony Jackson)

We play mostly originals that are a blend of funky-soul music with jazz improvisation.
Da bassist, composer and educator, mixes Jazz and Funky grooves on his new recording "Can U Hear Me Now ? ". It is his 6th release (June 7th 2006) on Hop-N-Bop Records and is being well received by radio and fans in U.S. and Europe.

"Clarke's free-flowing compositions showcase plenty of fusion chops, but his rich tone and spaced-filled lines steal the show" ...Gregory Isola, BASS PLAYER MAGAZINE.

Endorsed by Soller Bass Guitars of Slovakia. Plays
Sivcak 4 string bass

He has performed with the two- time Grammy nominated jazz flautist Sherry Winston, R&B innovators The Coasters, The Drifters, Mary Wells, Sam & Dave.

He has recorded 8 CD's & tours Europe with trumpeter Laco Deczi's Celula NY Band, Toured with Chris Tolfield Blues Band in Bulgaria and Romania, and has just performed and recorded in Romania with guitarist George Baicea. CD released 4/2005. Plays locally with Steve Clarke Band, Teresa Wright Jazz Quartet, Walter Duda band, Off The Hook Band, and TNT Jazz Band and others.

Internationally known bassist is available for tours, studio & lessons. Born and based in Bridgeport CT, can travel anywhere. Plays electric. Bass & Keyboard bass.

Prior Solo Releases:
"Can You Hear Me Now ?" (06Bop122)
"Da Bass Is Loaded (05Bop122)
"Precious Joy" (04Bop122)
"In The Third Lane" (03Bop122),
"Sweet Surroundings" (02Bop122),
"Kickin'It (01Bop122

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Steve Clarke
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688 Wood Ave
Bridgeport, CT 06604 USA

Soller Sivcak 4 string bass

Dave Eden amp/cabinet