Tom D'Angelo

Band: The Regulators

Fort Lauderdale / Florida / USA

I play both electric and upright/double bass-both left handed. I own about 7 basses. 5 electrics and 2 uprights.

Both upright basses have been re-done to accommodate left handed playing. I've been playing bass for about 20 or so years and have done both touring and recording. I'm living in Florida right now and am keeping very busy with Florida's blues/jazz and symphony scene.

1972 Fender Precision

w/Emg active p/ups-the bass is lefty (of course) is all natural finish w/a maple neck/fingerboard. It has been modified to a PJ (precision/jazz) pick-up formation. It is very worn and I hardly use it anymore due to the wear and tear but it is still my favorite.

1980 or so Fender Jazz bass

w/Dan Armstrong pick-ups,a hip-shot D-tuner and a Wilkenson bridge.The bass has a great tone-very tight and focused. It sounds great for slap technique.

1972 fretless Fender Jazz bass

Its actually a fender jazz body,pick-ups, tuning pegs,bridge. The neck is from an ESP bass that was converted to fretless by a buddy of mine named Dave Edwards who,by the way is also a lefty bass player and builds his own instruments. He actually re-placed Felix Papalardi in the band Mountain.

6 string Alembic Alembic Epic Signature Bass

I was never a big fan of Alembic basses but it is hard to find lefty basses-as I'm sure you know so when I found it-I bought it.

1930 or so Juzek orchestral 3/4 bass (upright bass)

ebony finger board the bass has a wonderful "growl" to it and I use it for a majority of the classical/symphony work that I do.

Kolstein Bass (upright bass)

built for me by Barry and Samuel Kolstein. I use this for all the jazz/swing and blues stuff.

GK-400rb as well as an 800RB for larger venues. I use them for both my electric and upright basses.

Mesa Boogie 1X15" and a Hartke 2X10" for the high