Vancampo Didier


Band: Saille


Zedelgem / Belgium


I'm Vancampo Didier (born 19/08/1983) and I play bass since I was 15 years. It's my first and last instrument I took up.
I've always loved music and many genres and the reason why I wanted to play bass came while listening to my first Metal bands which were Iron Maiden - Judas Priest and Metallica. Especially Judas Priests Jugulator, Metallica's Load and Master of Puppets made a huge impact on me and Ian Hill, Jason Newsted and Cliff Burton made me want to play Bass. I totally loved the bass sound of the Load album (Ain't My Bitch and King Nothing) and I felt that that was the instrument that I wanted play.

After a year, I joined my first band and played through numerous "beginner" bands without any stage performance. My first real band was Bloodfart in which I played the Bassguitar at for a year (2003 - 2004). In 2004 I joined the Death Metal Band Fractured Insanity and stayed with the band till February 2011. During that period I played at Huldrefolk, Fleshmould, Burning Fallus and Corpse Mutilation. A few months prior to my departure at Fractured Insanity I joined the Symphonic Black Metal Band Saille and till the present day I'm active in this great band. I progressed from 4 string to 5 string bass in a year and now I play 6 string bass exclusively.

My main influences are (as stated above) Ian Hill - Jason Newsted and Cliff Burton but I'm also a big fan of Chris Breeze (Labÿrinth - Italy), Makoto Unno (Vigilante - Jap), Eric Langlois (Cryptopsy - Can), Jimmy Haslip (Yellow Jackets - US), John Myung (Dream Theater - US), and Geddy Lee of the mighty Rush.

Mayones Slogan 6 L Bassguitar (ebony macassar)

Spector Euro 6 LX Bassguitar (matte black stain)

Spector Euro 6 LX Bassguitar (zebra gloss)

Genz Benz GBE 1200 Head

Genz Benz Neo Pak 3.5 Head

Ampeg SVT 610 HLF Cabinet

Boss TU 3 Pedal Tuner