William Parron


Band: Genitor


Maringá (State of Paraná – Brazil)


My name is William Parron and I am a brazilian journalist and bassist from the band Genitor. I went your community in a search on Internet and I consider it very interesting. As you in Germany, we LH bassists from brazil have to spend many time to found any bass for us and when we found it, we have to pay a lot of money for it.

Genitor is a band from Maringá (State of Paraná – Brazil) formed by Gerson Faustino (guitar / voice), Lee Roque (guitars) and William Parron (bass); who had known since they were teenagers. After they worked on recording a Demo CD and a CD with 12 tracks on Kairo’s Studio, the band – that’s was known at that time as Dogma – were well received by the music critics. A exemple is the article that’s the producer and guitarist, Marcio Okayama, wrote on the brazilian edition of Guitar Play Magazine (2003, august). In 2007, the EwV Audio Studio makes the remastering process of all work of the band. In this studio they recorded two new songs. In this year, the band has the music “Uma Canção para Calvin• between the most voted in the BR 102, a program from the Kiss FM, the most important radio rock station from São Paulo. Just know as Genitor, the band get increased by the baterist Edilson Junior, or Juninho Maradona, and keep on rock in the indie scene from São Paulo.

Banda formada em Maringá (PR) por Gerson Faustino (guitarra / vocais), Lee Roque (violão / guitarra) e William Parron (baixo); que se conheceram ainda na adolescência. Depois de gravar um CD Demo e um CD com 12 de suas canções, no Kairo’s Studio, a banda - ainda com o nome Dogma - recebe elogios da crítica especializada. Um exemplo é o destaque dedicado pelo guitarrista e produtor Marcio Okayama na análise que faz do trabalho da banda na Guitar Player (agosto / 2003). Em 2007, o EwV Áudio efetua a remasterização de todo o trabalho da banda. Lá também são gravadas duas outras canções. Nesse ano, a banda tem a música "Uma Canção para Calvin" entre as mais votadas do programa BR 102, da Kiss FM. Já como Genitor, a banda incorpora o baterista Edilson Júnior, o "Juninho Maradona".

To download musics and know more about Genitor, please check out:

Myspace: www.myspace.com/bandagenitor

Orkut: http://www.orkut.com/Community.aspx?cmm=41099701

Rockwave: http://rockwave.com.br/bandas/genitor

Hey, see the Genitor’s clip for the music DNA and give your opinion. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0HMNv9-lIg

Tagima B5 S (www.tagima.com.br)

Amplifer Meteoro (Star Black 15) 240 w RMS (www.amplificadoresmeteoro.com.br)

Boss CEB-2 Bass Chorus (http://roland.com.br/boss)