Zbigniew “Beny• Gosik



Monday Session

Bogey Music


Zuromin / Poland


My name is Zbigniew “Beny• Gosik, I’m 35.

I play in cover band “Monday Session• (www.mondaysession.pl) and rock band Enumano (www.enumano.pl)

Also I have my own project, one man band called “Bogey Music• (www.bogeymusic.net).

It’s home recording of covers and my own stuff. I play all instruments there.

Actually I have Fender Jazz Bass CIJ (for sale) and Jim Harley fretless bass. Also I have guitar Squier Stratocaster.

Sandberg California TM-5

Mayones B4

Flame CS-5

Mayones Be4

Fender Precision CIJ

Fender Jazz Bass

Ampeg BA-115T