Andreas Sindt

Band: Mr. G. and his Billy Boys

Osnabrück / Deutschland

My name is Andreas. It is twelve years ago, that i´ve started to play the Bassguitar.
Like in the most cases I learned bass, cause nobody else want to do it ;-) It was a thursday that I bought my first bass, a righthanded Johnny Pro bass which I turned left.
The next day I found myself in the practisingroom of my brothers band and I know that the bass is heavy and has four strings. My brother than showed me which tones I had to play. From the first day on I love this instrument.
It was a great expirience to play in a band. And from that day on, I played the whole twelve years in bands. This is the best way to learn.
The greatest expirience was to play in the Cavernclub Liverpool on the Beatlesweek 2000- 2003 with the John Lennon Revivalband. This was great.
At the moment I am playing in a fantastic Rock´n Roll band named "Mr. G. and his Billy Boys". I played there since 7 years now. It is not only a good band because of the good musicians. The most importend thing is, that we are all good friends and this is what the audience see an like. It is so much fun!

I wish all of you a lot of fun and good times with your music.

Keep on rockin´

71er Fender Jazzbass mit Mapleneck, schwarz mit schwarzen Blocks

78er Fender Precision Mapleneck in schwarz

Sandberg JJ4 fretless in Tobacco Sunburst.

Markbass Fullstack (Little Mark II, 104HR und 151HR)