Andy Champion

Band: The Blues Shift



just visited your leftybass site, it kicksass!

After practicing in various garages, developing pneumonia, and a penchant for cigarettes, Andy's first gig was back in 1966. The band opened the set with Louie Louie, followed by Wipeout, he can't remember the rest. No change there then! He says he was playing a Vox bass, with an amp that looked like it was made by a mad professor!
Andy's influences are somewhat weird. Somewhere between Laurel Aitken and Hawkwind!
(Well he does play left handed, upside down.)

The Blues Shift are five blokes old enough to know better,playing authentic electric blues in all its forms, from Muddy Waters and Elmore James to Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughan.
John "Gator" - vocals and blues harp.
Andy Champion - bass and backing vocals.
Adrian Orrom - electric guitar and backing vocals.
Colin Seach - drums and vocals.
Trevor Cadman - electric and slide guitars, vocals.

1 Wal

2 Fender Jazz Basses

1 Ephiphone Rivoli

1 Yamaha BBs3000

1 Ashdown MAG 300 210 combo

1 Ashdown deep 15 cabinet

1 Fender BXR 3000 C combo