Colin Hodgkinson

(Spencer Davis Group)

Since long time I tried to get in touch with Colin Hodgkinson. No chance anyway to reach him.
Some month before a colleague told me about the plannings of a Spencer Davis Tour throuout Germany. My investigations confirmed that Colin
Hodgkinson was the (lefthanded) bassplayer on this tour for Spencer Davis .
Colin Hodgkinson is an excellent bassplayer with a great career one of the best kept bass secrets. He starts bass playing in a age of 14 years and since 1966 he´s on stage. He works with wellknown musicians like Alexis Corner, Jan Hammer, Neal Schon (Journey), Whitesnake, Mick Jagger, Pete York, Brian Auger, Chris Farlowe, John Lord, Frank Dietz, Konstantin Wecker, Peter Maffay etc.
Colin Hodgkinson was mentioned with bass players of Jaco Pastorius and Stanley Clarke. We had opportunity to talk with the pleasant left-handed bass player in detail between soundcheck and gig of the Spencer Davis Group in the Bielefeld pub called "Elfenbein" on May 8th, 2003. During our conversation Colin told about his worldwide contacts to internationally wellknown musicians, his bass guitars and much more.

Colin hodgkinson is using the same equipment over all this years. It´s the old Fender Precision Bass with a 63´neck (with 100 years old Rosewood fretboard) and a 65´ body. This body was formerly green with a with pickguard. He plays through an old Ampeg SVT cab and a Ampeg SVT Pro amp. For better sounding of his plectrum playing, Colin use a tweeter. In addition to that he plays through a delay and a Boss octaver.

Colin Hodgkinson´s collection contains the following basses: 63´ sunburst Fender Jazz Bass, MusicMan Stingray bass, 87´Warwick Thumb fretless. He departed from his rarities, a Warwick Thumb Doubleneck (4+4) and a Carl Thompson bass has parted.
If you have a chance to see Colin Hodgkinson on stage, take it!


18 gigs within 21 days! The spencer Davis Group went back to England on 11-05-2003.

After the Bass was signed, Colin Hodgkinson invited us to see the concert.

Colin and the managers are interest in our webseite
A visit on our webseite is guaranteed.

Two days before Colin Hodgkinson had a excident and felt down on the ground.
Since this the has a lot of painfull backache. On stage we could see how much pain he had during the show...


...... but Colin he showed his brilliant bassplaying tapping style. His old Fender Precision bass sounds like a guitar.

Colin Hodgkinson showed two excellent solos in the course of the concert.


I for myself had problems to shut my mouth! :=)


(#5: Colins Solotrack)

Ampeg SVT Pro and 810 Box (plus Tweeter)

Fender Precision Bass

Effects: Delay and Boss Octaver

Miller Anderson

(Musicman Albert Lee)

Eddi Hardin

(Hammond XB-2)

Spencer Davis

(Spuier Stratocaster)

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