Dominik Merz

Dominik, bassplayer of the band Acid Rain, was looking for a lefty B.C.Rich Warlock bass for a long time. I was asking the German distributor (Warwick basses) for lefty B.C.Rich basses. They told me, that the handmade B.C.Rich basses are the only lefty basses, except the handemade basses.

In September 2002 the American musikshop "Musicians Heaven" offered lefty B.C.Rich Warlock basses for a reasonable price. Dominik and I have dicussed this deal and I bought two of this basses. One for him and one for me. They arrived here in Bielefeld a short time late, without any problems.

Nov. 10th, 2002, I was on a tripp to my friend Armin Klopfer. By this way, I stopped at Dominik´s hometown "Marktbreit" (Bavaria) and met Dominik in a local pub..

The bass was getting out of his case and checked by Dominik.


Talking about basses.

Dominik signed the bass ....


....which is richer by a new autograph.

Just talking about the other autograph´s.


Dominikand his new Warlock bass.

After a "one hour stopp" , we must say good-bye. We have to take off out tripp to the south of Germany, to see the great "American" musik store "Station Musik".