Hello all you "rare" lefthand bass-players

For years I had the feeling that I was alone in being a lefthand bass-player. There were only a few left-handed basses for sale in music magazines and absolutely no chance of finding my dream bass. So back in 1999 I started my web site "Arnis Lefthand Basses" to show my collection of basses and to get in touch with other lefties.

Soon the web site began to grow and change. I was contacted by lefthanded
bassplayers from all over the world, and from these contacts the second-hand, left-handed basses section developed. As the contents of
"Arnis Lefthand Basses" increased, the website evolved from a simply gallery of lefthand basses to a meeting place for many lefthand
bassplayers. To reflect this new direction the name of the site was
changed to "Arnis Lefthand Bassplayer Community".

Here you will find contributions from hundreds of lefthand bassplayer from all over the world. You can read about each of them in the list of lefty
bassists. In the secondhand section you will find a big collection of
interesting basses, most of which are offered for sale directly by members of this community. Amongst the pages you will
also find news from the lefty bass world, info about manufacturers and
artisans who support leftys like us, and interviews/visit descriptions featuring custom guitar builders and well-know lefty bassists.

Your support is important for this website and I need your help!

So if you are a left-handed bassplayer please, get in touch with me and
join this community. If you have a lefty bass to sell, send me a note. If you see a news article, hear of any events featuring leftys, or hear of a
guitar maker supporting lefty basses, send me the details.

Since I first saw the film "The Kids Are Allright" (
The Who / John Entwistle) the sight of his uncountable collection of bass-guitars hanging on the walls of his home filled me with the passion to collect left-handed
(Download it)

Ever since that day I have looked for these rare and exclusive of instruments, and the search continues!!! So If you have a rare,
interesting or just plain beautiful instrument, please send me a photo and a description, even if you don´t want to sell it. I would like to present it on this site for everyone to enjoy.

Since all the last year this website has become more and more to a meeting point of lefthand bassplayers. If you like to get a overview of it, please click on the rubric "lh-bassists".

I´m very gald of all the support and hope to get contact to you in future, to present news and informations from the lefty bassplayer scene.

So far! Bye-bye and please contact me!


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