Fredrik Odelmalm

Band: The Superjams

Solna / Sweden

It's great to find a place for lefties to unite, I haven't seen anything like this.

It's great page and I've gotten to know alot of people through it.

I started playing on an old Yamaha RBX260L (wich I still have!), and my first bands we're punkrock or rock.

Now in my new band (, we're playing whatever we want and we're having a great time doing it!

My rig is a Fender bastard J-bass with Delano pickups, and I play it
through and old Sovtek BASSOV 100w-amp with an Malmberg 4x12 cab.

Fender bastard J-bass with Delano pickups

Sovtek BASSOV 100w-amp

Malmberg 4x12 cab