Gibson Flying V Bass

(February 1982)

One of the rare Gibson V Bass.

Gibson Flying V Bass
Date of production:
Feb. 25th,1982
Serial-No.: 80562149

There are bodystyles which have made history like the Gibson Flying V. Gibson started the production of the Flying V in 1958 and it is continued. Only the Flying V bass was built for a very short time (late 1981-1982!).This rare bass was built in Kalamazoo / USA.

He has a mahogany body and a maple neck guled into the body´s neck pocket.

Gibson told me that this bass was never produced for lefthanded basists! So I had to buy this one.

Gibson only produced 300 - 400 Flying V basses!!!!



Gibson Tuners


2 Volume / 1 Tone pots


This bass is modified with one EMG pickup.

Gibson bridge

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